Cyprus Passion

An amazing area of Cyprus nature found at the perimeter of Akamas peninsula is the Avakas Gorge.  It is found around 16 km west of Paphos with a starting altitude of 47m and the ending being 45m. The length of the trail is about 3km, where it is estimated as a 2-3 hour walk. In reality it all depends on each person and how many stops you make along the way.


In order to get to the starting point, you will most likely need a 4×4 vehicle to get there and from there on you will be on foot.  If you don’t have access to a 4×4 then just drive up to the point your vehicle will take you and then walk from there onwards. Make sure to come prepared and wear comfortable shoes for hiking and they might even get wet so choose your shoes wisely. Also make sure to pack water for drinking and maybe a snack or two. It gets really hot in Cyprus so sunscreen and a hat might be a good idea too.

On this trail you will see some native fauna and flora like: lentick, Phoenican juniper, thorny broom, oleander and more. As for the animals found in this area, you may see; fox, hare, hedgehogs, owls and other birds like kestrel, wild pigeon and partridge. You may even see lizards and frogs too.

Now some points to have in mind before going. Be careful of the season you are visiting as in summer it can get really hot and winter can get a bit more slippery where the water is. Not everyone does the full hike as it does take very long to do. You are not advised to go there by yourself as there may not be phone service and if anything should happen you wouldn’t be likely to get a hold of anyone. Make sure to let someone know you are heading there or better yet go with friends. All along the trail you will also notice educational signs explaining what you see stating a few facts about the fauna or limestone you see.

Other than this, Avakas Gorge is an impressive and beautiful canyon to hike and explore. Especially during spring and autumn when the weather is perfect to visit such an area, you’ll be amazed with the nature around you. Keep in mind also the other surrounding areas which are also worthwhile visiting like Lara Beach and the Sea Turtle Project too.

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