Cyprus Passion

One of the most beautiful forest parks in the Nicosia District is Athalassa National Forest Park. It can be found on the South East edge of the city and has a total area of 840 hectares. It was established as a National Park in 1990.

At the park you will find the vast majority of green area but there are also many more other things to see and do. There are botanical gardens, two picnic sites, paths for pedestrians and bikes. You will also find people bird watching near the dam and people walking their dogs along the dog path. Moreover, there is also an Environmental Centre for you to visit which has a small entrance. The fee is €1 for children over 6 and adults and Children under 6 are free. Please make sure to double check this as prices may change.

The Botanical Gardens are free of charge and are open daily for visitors to explore the grounds. So go for a stroll, take in nature and the clear air with beautiful skies above. Some of the inhabitants of this park are birds, ducks, fish in the lake and even turtles. There is an area you can lit a fire to cook your own food and have a picnic but there are rules you need to follow.

This is a park that has it all. You can jog or run, do some cycling or even chill in nature. While walking in this areas you will get the feeling that indeed you are in a forest and not on the edge of the city perimeter.

There are many facilities available for you to explore here. There is a small scale of the entire park found in a small room near the offices. Here you will also find a lecture theatre, film Theatre, exhibitions of the natural flora and fauna and a small shop. But also a laboratory. Car parking area and public toilets too. The shop contains information about the park, books and souvenirs. As for the Laboratory, they have microscopes for people to see plants and animal species through the lens. Many schoolchildren particularly love this.

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