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Akamas peninsula is found on the west side of the island which covers around 230 square km of untouched nature. It is described as thick wooded headland that is divided in 2 by summits by a mountain range.  It not easily accessible but it is the only area in Cyprus which is untouched. 

The name Akamas comes for the name of the son of Theseus who was a hero of the Trojan war. Before the year 200 this peninsula was used by the British Army and Navy to perform military exercises. This was done under the treaty in 1960 and the British Army and Navy were allowed to use the area for up to 70 days each year. This all stopped after the year 2000.

The peninsula has unique fauna and flora and so many other endemic plants which grow there naturally. Many reptiles, foxes, fruit bats, lizards, snakes, hedgehogs and many bird species call this place home and while the animals and fauna and flora here all play a huge role in many community habitats around the area.

Not only are the plantation and wildlife here but you will also find beautiful costal area like Lara bay and the Blue Lagoon. Mountain peaks for hiking and valleys for exploring also sea caves are a great way to explore too.  Avakas Gorge is another well-known natural gorge that many people visit and hike the area.

Akamas is the last large unspoiled coastal aera of Cyprus and the peninsula is actually part of the Natura 2000 network.  However, since 2017 there have been many fires in the peninsula which is a huge shame as they deliberately light fires and destroy the natural beauty of the place and all those animals, reptiles and birds that call this place home. The government is working on making the area a National Forest so it will be protected.

Lara Bay

Tourists who visit Akamas are all about the natural beauty of the vegetation and the animals living there but also, they come for the sun, sea and sand of the area. Most love adventure and hike the many paths around the area while others may relax and swim in the crystal waters.

You can visit Akamas peninsula by jeep, 4-wheel bikes, any cars that can go off road and of course by boat. There are many excursions available with mini cruises and jeeps that give you a taste of the peninsula from either land or water, it’s your choice.

Lara Beach is also in Akamas peninsula and is an essential Green Turtle and Hawk’s Bill Turtle breeding ground. Both these species are endangered and at Lara beach they help breed and release these turtles into the wild.

The Baths of Aphrodite are also found on the Akamas Peninsula and this is a tourist attraction for sure that most don’t realise is found in the peninsula.

When visiting Akamas Peninsula make sure to pack sunscreen, water and take lunch with you so you can spend the whole day there. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes if going by land and dress appropriately if you’re going by boat too. You will be amazed at just how untouched everything is here so please make sure to leave it just as you found it, so go on out and explore this amazing natural beauty!

Aphrodite's Baths

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