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Agros village can be found in the Troodos mountains and more specifically in the Pitsilia Area of the Limassol District. The Village is just 45 minutes away from Limassol and Nicosia City, and just 1 hour and 20mins away from Larnaca and Paphos.

This village is actually built amphitheatrically on the mountain slopes, which looking at it from afar looks amazing. Nestled in the natural forest among beautiful landscapes this village is very popular for agrotourism too. A population of just 800 people will amaze you with what this village has to offer you.

agros village

The village was named after the Great Agros Monastery that’s found where the Church of Panayia of Agros is found today. The story behind the name is as follows. 40 Monks from Minor Asia, came to Cyprus during the era of icon fighting. They brought with them the icon of the Holy Mother. The monks first stayed in a cave but then the built the new monastery in which they named it Monastery of ‘Great Agros’.

As for the Agrotourism of the village, there is a beautiful hotel named ‘Rodon Hotel’. Found on the mountain peak overlooking panoramic views of the village and the surrounding area. This hotel has been operating for over 30 years and was built in the traditional Cypriot way. For those wanting to escape the city or just get a feel for the mountains of Cyprus this Hotel is a great way to experience just that.

Agros village is most famous for the cultivation of roses but also the cured meat production too. You will find sausages, Lountza, marmalades and other sweets too. The cultivation of roses is most important to the village as there are 2 factories located in the village to product many products from the rose petals of the gorgeous roses that are grown here. One main product produced is the rose water, which we Cypriots use in almost all our sweets like Mahalepi.

This beautiful village maintains a natural beauty and traditional character of Cypriot villages. Its rich history along with all the amenities and facilities offered will impress you. There is a day care center for children, a Primary School, a High School, Police Station, Post office, Health Care, Sport area for basket ball and football, a theater and even a supermarket. The Sports Center found in the village is named after a previous president of Cyprus Glafkos Klerides.

In Agros you will also find a few monuments of heros and important people that helped this village be what it is today. One of those monuments is Nearchos Klerides, who was a prominent figure that was born in late 19th century and died 1969. His legacy was education in literature and folklore.

A Cypriot village that has it all, from facilities and amenities, the unique roses and cured meat to the untouched nature and mountain side. This village is for you.

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