Cyprus Passion

Built on the edge of a cliff is this majestic church dedicated to Agioi Anargyroi. This church dates back to the 1950’s and is located in Agia Napa at Cavo Greco. Legend has it that there is a cave just below this area in which Saints Anargyros (Kostas and Damianos) practices in.

In this cave was an image or icon of Agioi Anargyron and after some time it was found to be lost. Until one day a fisherman came by and stopped to see what the fuss was about. When he found out an icon was lost, he offered to give them the one he found at sea. Low and behold the icon was the very same one that was lost. This is why they built the church on the edge of the cliff to honour the saints and house the icon too.

Enjoy the amazing view of the sunrise and sunset over this beautiful picturesque area. The atmosphere during golden hours are magical, especially when the sunsets into the horizon and dips into the sea. Pure magic!

This small white chapel with the blue roof celebrates every 1st of July. It is also a favourite amongst those getting married as the setting and atmosphere is very romantic and breathtaking. On the one side of the church is the beautiful crystal-clear waters and sandy beach and on the other side is the forest park. There is a hiking trail with 2 routes that take you along this beautiful landscape starting from the church and ending at the sea caves. The hike is a total of 4km and will take you around 1.5 hours.

During the hike you will come across the ‘Kamara Tou Koraka’ which then leads you to the hard rock formation over millions of years. You will also see many other smaller caves and the natural fauna, flora and trees of the area.

You can also visit the cave by taking the steps down the path towards the beach area. If you have time for a swim then be sure to wear your swim suit underneath to take a lovely dip in the clean waters.

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