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Adonis Baths also known as Adonis Waterfall can be found in the village of Koili found in Paphos. Its near Krya Vrysi and Lakkos tou Frakou which is where the water from Mavrokolympos flows and gathers to form a small but gorgeous waterfall. The Adonis Bath is actually located on privately own land and therefore the owner has turned it into a sort of theme park. There is an entrance fee to visit. You will see Statues of Adonis and Aphrodite but also more statues of other gods from Greek Mythology. 

Before entering the theme park, you will be greeted by the Amphitheater which is more than 1500 years old.

Near the waterfall you will also find a watermill and a museum with traditional folklore architecture and interiors. The watermill is found at the entrance of the theme park and you can walk through the rooms to see how it these building was made. Inside this 400-year-old watermill you will also see memorabilia on display. Many people visit the bath to escape the hot summer days and have a cool dip in the beautiful lake under the waterfall. Swimming in the bath is said to make women look younger and even more beautiful, and men stronger. It is said that infertile women who wish to become pregnant should touch Adonis’s appendage and then they shall have many children thereafter. There is even a sign next to the Statue of Adonis and Aphrodite.

The waterfall has a cliff where people like to jump off of but also tree branches that most climb to get a great photo opportunity. There is a balancing rope at steep vertical rocks to help you climb to the top of the cliff. For those who don’t dare this climb there are lower point you have dive off of.

Mythology about Adonis

According to Greek mythology this is the place where Adonis and Aphrodite would meet and spend time together. Adonis, based on mythology, was the mortal lover of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. It is believed that Adonis and Aphrodite had many children and that these offspring are the people of Paphos. This is also the place where is it said that Adonis died. It is said that Adonis was wounded badly by a person disguised as a wild boar. Adonis managed to go to find his love, Aphrodite at the falls and died in her arms.

Now a days most people visit this popular place to swim in the natural waters in one of the most romantic settings. This natural pool has a beautiful green lagoon colour and wild greenery all around it. You can grab a coffee and chill next to the cool lagoon or wonder the museum and watermill. There is also a small souvenir shop to buy any memorabilia.

This is truly a wonderful place to visit but have in mind there is an entrance fee and also be aware as to how to get there and times that the theme park it open.

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