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Welcome to Cyprus Passion!

Established in 2019, Cyprus Passion began as a simple idea: to share the beauty and charm of our beloved island, Cyprus, on Instagram. What started as a passion project quickly blossomed into a comprehensive platform that now spans all major social media channels, boasting a community of over 100,000 followers.

At Cyprus Passion, we are dedicated to showcasing the very best our island has to offer. From hidden gems and must-visit locations to mouth-watering recipes and promoting local businesses, our platform is a vibrant celebration of Cyprus. Our content not only highlights the stunning landscapes and cultural heritage of the island but also provides valuable information about its rich history and diverse traditions.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Whether you’re planning your next trip to Cyprus, looking for inspiration, or simply want to stay connected with the heart of the island, Cyprus Passion is your ultimate guide.

Welcome to our community. Welcome to Cyprus Passion.